How high will we RiSE?

RISE isn’t just a series of classes; it is a pathway to a stronger Union.

Short for Regional Initiative for Strategic Education, RISE technically IS a series of classes, but rather than just offering information to participants, we are distributing tools to be used in the field.

Some examples:

The RISE organizing program was founded by and is offered only in the Eastern Region of LIUNA. Unions are only as strong as its membership is unified, active and equipped to rise above the challenges unions face.

No situation is hopeless and nothing will be accomplished if WE don’t do it for ourselves.  Are you ready to RISE?

Building Power Step-By-Step


This three-hour course covers the history of the union, and basic terms and concepts.


This three-hour course teaches organizing tactics, and how to successfully defend the union against typical accusations (union members are lazy, get paid too much, are parasites, etc.


This invitation-only daylong class gives participants the chance to engage in one-on-one conversations, find common ground, and practice using the techniques and knowledge acquired in the first two classes.


This invitation-only course lasts two days and covers organizing strategies, political activism, member mobilization and coalition building. Exercises and lectures built around these themes help participants prepare themselves to speak out and represent their union.


Because we never stop learning, Champion is the newest RISE Program and builds upon RISE Master. In a nutshell, it helps expand and fine-tune the skills to be a successful Union organizer.

Upcoming RiSE Classes

Note: New RISE classes are added to the schedule frequently. Let us know your interest, and we can contact you as.

I want to RiSE!

Please note that RISE Pro, Master, and Champion have limited seats available are invitation only. Indicating interest does not guarantee enrollment.
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