LIUNA Eastern Region


…a power that helps workers negotiate contracts that fairly compensate them for their labor; a power that connects the industry’s most skilled and versatile workforce to top employers in the region; and a power that sets standards that benefit us all. Each day, close to 45,000 men and women go to work in New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, Delaware, and Puerto Rico. Our backgrounds may be different, the work we do may be different, but what unites us all is a belief that working together works best. We are LIUNA Eastern Region!

Eastern Region Members

our work

Residential Construction

Utility and Energy Infrastructure

Heavy and Highway Construction

Commercial Building Construction

Environmental Remediation

 “I aim to build on his foundation. We will continue to strengthen the power of LIUNA and create opportunities for the men and women who build the United States and Canada.”

Brent Booker

General President