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Local 172 member

Peter Reuter​

" I’m a 30 year LIUNA member, who lives in Toms River. For the past 10 years I have supported the Special Olympics through their Polar Bear Challenge and raised approximately $17,000 in that time! "

Local 77

Calvin Hooper

" I'm a 33-year member and Vice President of the Local 77 Retiree Council. I started his career at the Salem Nuclear Plant, which I helped build AND maintain for over 10 years! "

Local 172 member

Randy Brolo

"I'm an 11-year member and currently organizing in South Jersey. Two fun facts about me, I'm 2-year member of Razor’s Edge MMA and a strict vegan!"

Local 78 Member

Henry W. Samaniego

"I enjoy being a shop steward. One of my main tasks is to make sure everyone is working safe. With the Union’s support, I help to raise standards and reduce illness and injury. I believe in safety first. "