We Did It! LIUNA Apprenticeships Permanently Exempted From IRAPS

Brothers and Sisters:

Industry Regulated Apprenticeship Programs (IRAPs) were a real threat to the very existence of our Union. A lesser form of apprenticeship like IRAPs would have lowered both industry standards and the union wages and benefits we have worked so hard for.

Last summer, we asked you to fight back and make your voices heard and more than 7,000 of you in the Eastern Region answered the call.

I am pleased to share that it worked!

The US Department of Labor just announced a final standard on IRAPs and it permanently exempts the construction industry from IRAP eligibility. That means that LIUNA and the Building Trades will continue to set the standard for apprenticeship in construction and that non-union and fly-by-night operations lost this fight.



There will be more fights in our future as our enemies continue to attack ourrights to a fair wage, safe workplace, and to collectively bargain.  I want to thank you for your help and hope your LIUNA brothers and sisters can count on you in the future.

As General President Terry O’Sullivan reminds us: Feel the Power. Be the Power. Use the Power!

In Solidarity,

Raymond M. Pocino
Vice President, LIUNA
Eastern Regional Manager